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PostDrop Letterbox

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Construction Processes & Equipment- Security and alarms]
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PostDrop is a patented device which is designed to improve letterbox safety and security. The device comprises of a standard letterplate which is fitted externally and an internal casing which is in three parts for easy installation.

Within the internal casing are two key components. The first is a battery powered roller. When the external letterplate is opened for a delivery to be made, the micro sensor located within the external letterplate activates the roller into operation. The top roller rises to its maximum opening position (allowing for several thicknesses of post) and rotates for thirty seconds to allow the distributor time to deliver. After this time the top roller drives down towards the stationary bottom roller pushing any mail within the aperture into the property allowing postal staff and distributors to deliver mail safely by preventing injury and also preventing mail theft. The second component which is situated within the fascia of the internal casing is the restricted letterflap with closed sides which is restricted to an opening of 45 degrees. This prevents key fishing and lock manipulation.

PostDrop has been designed to enable installation to a new or existing aperture within a pvcu, aluminium or wooden door. We have carried out extensive research into existing letterbox sizes and the types and sizes of mail to create a one size fits all device. Four fixing screws are fitted through the base plate to the external letter plate for greater security. The inner assembly (containing the rollers, motor, circuit board and battery pack) is then screwed to the base plate. The fascia is then fitted by locking onto the secure clips located at the top and bottom of the inner assembly.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale for the granted patent application (GB2523315) and all associated material i have related to the invention (see below), I will consider a license option depending on the deal put forward.

Most of the groundwork is in place for this invention to be taken to the next level which is something i cannot do as i no longer have the time or commitment required due to personal reasons.

Other associated material is as follows:

Trademark of the word 'PostDrop' (UK 00003155092)
GB Registered Design 5002008
GB Registered Design 5002007
Website & domain name
CAD Drawings
CAD Presentation boards
Line Drawings

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