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Backboard/Chair for beach swimming&pool.

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Problem: In the olden days, there were same beaches in the Estoril cost same where people used backboard/chair these have disappeared.

Solution: I decided to produce similar ones whit a new concept

It is an product which provides a dream beach to all beach lovers.

The product has two distincts funtions:

Utilitarian funtion - Backboard/chair for beash swimming&pool.

Service funtion - Advertising support for companies that want to promote and advertisse their brands and products.

It is an innovative product with easy handlung, light and easy to carry. Ideal for reading, chatting, relaxing and watching the sea. Its very comfortable and attractive can be used at your wish in more than one position. Very comfortable and attractive.

It can also made backboard only for head support whit several diferentes inclinations.

Aluminium and canvas 100% cotton

The product can be made of differents materials, colors sizes etc.


Semi finalista in the competitions - Montepio Acredita Portugal
"I was one of 150 best among 12956 projects" - 2017

Semi - finalist in the competition- Acredita Portugal -
" I was one of 150 best among 13093 projects" - 2016

3 rd place in the category commerce and services in the ideas competition in the Dna Cascais - 1 st July 2015

Shark Tank Portugal - 2nd episode, 28 th March 2015.
I received a proporsal from one of the shark at tv program

By invitation the product has come out in same media.

Design or Nacional Model Register - n 2031
Design or Communitary Model Register - 001824160-0001
United States - Design Patent US D666017 S
Brazilian register Design industrial DI 7101200-1

Financial information

This product is already marketed through, online sales, direct sales, and stores.

There is a big loyalty from the costumers, and it sells very well by word of mouth

The product has a big sales potencial.

The population of U.S.A. is about 320 millions, if 0,05% people,who go to the beach buy backboard/chair the number is 16.000.000
There are also de people who have gardens, the resorts of hotels,
and the publicity. so the market potencial is very big.

I am looking buy out or license whit royalties in U.S.A.
Others offers woud be consideration.

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