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Fishing apparatus

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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An innovative lure design that improves hook-up efficiency, reduces 'twist-off' and makes it easier to release the catch unharmed.

The approach presented:
•Hooks more of the fish that have a go
•Drops less fish
•Has limited capacity to damage fish
•Makes it easy to unhook and release fish unharmed
•Offers tangle free storage
•Allows simple addition of rattles and attractors

Details can be found on Link

In patent speak it looks like:

A bait assembly 201 comprises a hook 207 coupled to a line 203, a bait body 202 moveably mounted 212 with respect to the line 203 and a retaining mechanism 209 arranged to bias the bait body 202 in a forward F position on the line 203 relative to the hook 207, and operable such that when a pulling force applied between the bait body 202 and the line 203 overcomes the biasing action of the retaining mechanism 209 the bait body 202 moves backwards with respect to the line 203. The retaining mechanism 209 may comprise an extendable element coupled between the line 203 and the bait body 202. The retaining mechanism 209 may instead comprise a compressible element.

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