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The Twister Golf Ball Cleaning Apparatus

[Category : - Golf]
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The Twister Golf Ball Cleaner , the one and only personal golf ball cleaning device with scrubbing bristles! The simplest and most effective tool to scrub dirt off your golf balls.

The Twister is leak-proof and made from high grade drop resistant Plastic. Simply separate the two halves, fill The Twister with a mild cleaning solution, then insert a dirty golf ball into the watertight chamber.

Next, close the unit and shake it to wet the golf ball and bristles. Now twist and turn The Twister to let the bristles work on the golf ball, whisking away the dirt, grime, and grass for an all-around clean.

“The Twister” is the first, and only portable golf ball cleaner using scrubbing bristles that work just like the stationary golf ball washers on the course, except this little GEM attaches to your golf bag.

So if you are tired of,
Playing with a dirty golf ball,
Not being able to find a ball washer when you need one,
Finding the ball washer broken if there is one,
Finding the ball washer frozen solid in cold weather,
Owning a ball washer that doesn't work well,
Then the answer to these problems is, "The Twister"

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