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Direct driven water pump

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Direct driven water pump with a life time guarantee, no need to replace waterpumps ever again, clients always complaining about the water pumps short lifetime, and it cost the client lots of money each year to replace the pumps, you can this pumps ( that can't break ) to the client, and triple the price on such a pump everyone will buy from you. This pump is tested and our company worked on this for many years.

This pump replaces the old water pumps on Evaporated coolers.
No seals, no bearings, can not break, saving your money.

The direct driven water pump is mounted below the three blades fan, this is mounted directly to the electric motor.
When the motor is switched on the fan and the direct driven water pump will start to turn.

The water will move out the outlet up to the water distributors, the water distributors will distribute the water equally to each celdek filter pad.

The person that buys this patent can make big profits from this patent we patented it in lots of countries.

This product can be sold lose to Big aircon company's or evaporative cooling company's and manufacturers worldwide, you can make big profits, you can start an evaporative cooling company and sell the units to clients with the pump mounted in the evaporative coolers, the profit on second option is much more better and bigger, the first option you can make lots of money on royalty, we can explain everything in a email.

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