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Thermal capture device for refrigeration systems

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Hello. My name is Jack Dowdy. I have created and patented a device which captures the thermal energy normally expelled out f the refrigerant in a normal operating cycle. I can then convert it into electricity and back feed the grid while making the refrigeration unit more efficient. The device in testing produced 45% of the overall consumed energy and put it back on the grid in prototype testing. The device is patented privately to protect market-share and design secrets. I can supply all paperwork once a CDA or NDA is in place. The market research has been done on the US alone and the market capacity is 260 Billion dollars. This device can be retrofitted into 95% of units manufactured in the last 10 years and can be a welcome addition to new units currently manufactured. I am open to licensing the device or out right sale. In my research this device eases the stress on the grid during peak times especially in the southern regions of the US where there is a high cooling demand during large portions of the year. It will allow utility companies to spend more on infrastructure with the current real estate market growth. In testing a standard builders model unit of 14 SEER was used with measurements taken over 250 hours to create a baseline of the measurements. The device was added and the measurements taken again during the same run periods with similar conditions. The results indicated a standard 14 SEER unit was converted with just the device into a 28 SEER unit which in turn is more efficient than 99% of the current equipment available. This reduced manufacturing of equipment costs by 35% and created a unit with 45% more efficiency than the current highest efficiency units manufactured. Due to a death in the family I need to sell ASAP.

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