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Remediating Coal Bed Methane Produced Water

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The invention provides a process of remediating wastewaters from typical coal bed methane production of Indian mines and describes an equipment layout plan with a Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) connected to Resin–Water Separator Chamber (RWS) through a liquid circulating pipe at a given height which is connected back to FBR in a cyclic sequence through a Regeneration Chamber and then a Resin Feed Chamber. In this arrangement, the influent water at the bottom of FBR gets treated with the fresh / regenerated ion-exchange resin within the fluidized bed reactor and during its upward flow with the resin particles. While the processed clean water is withdrawn from the top end, the ion loaded resin collected in the RWS is regenerated and fed back to FBR in a controlled cyclic manner.

The entire system as designed is fully automated and works in a continuous mode.

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