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Reusable shipping container for fragile objects

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A reusable shipping container having hingeable lids is described for use in transporting fragile items and artwork, such as paintings, mirrors, and the like. The container is made up of two substantially parallel end panels, a bottom panel extending between and perpendicular to the two end panels, a back panel extending perpendicular to the bottom panel and the two end panels, a lower front panel extending substantially perpendicular to the bottom panel and to the end panels, an upper front panel co-planar with the lower front panel and attached to the upper edge of the lower front panel with a hingeable means allowing for hingeable rotation, and a top panel that is substantially parallel to the bottom panel and is attached to the upper edge of the back panel with an attachment means that allows the top panel to rotate out of parallel with the bottom panel.

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A Green Product Saving the use of corrugated boxes going into Our Landfills needlessly.

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