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The Labeller stapler

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The invention refers to a labeler stapler or laundry stapler which combines labeling and stapling mechanisms and consists of: a scissor shape stapler or a regular shape stapler that contains a base which includes a refillable pop-up paper note system, the bottom of the base comes with a transparent door that can be opened/closed allowing the users to see the level of the paper notes and to refill it once finished; wherein on the outside of the stapler.

The suggested stapler is a regular stapler that can be used in offices, schools, homes, hospitals, and laundries, but with additional option/ feature which is labelling and stapling at the same time(together), if you read the claims you will find that there is a suggested lock or button that can be used/ pressed to stop the labelling option, only the title of the invention is laundry stapler, but you can also say a labeller stapler- more accurate, I mentioned laundry because I watched how long the laundries staff take time to cut the papers into small pieces then attach it one by one to every customer shirt or what ever, and this is how I got the idea, as I also been asked by many customers- laundry owners if we offer similar product!!.
This suggested stapler is a real customer request (need), that will be at least in every laundry shop in Middle East, if offered, it can make your staplers unique and different than all other brands, since for example you can re-design all or some of your current range of stapler to be a labeller ones, it can be done as a regular stapler or the plier staplers (preferred) or electric, I believe that the suggested labeller plier will sell millions in our region Middle East.

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