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[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications]
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I am a Scientist by profession but Product Developer by passion. I did lot of research on Laptops, Pads and on Tablets. But after observing some limitations in handling convertable Laptops/Pads/Tablets, I have developed a new product that is “An Improved Portable Electronics Device”. It includes a display device and a multi-purpose slide-able base detachably and/or non-detachably attached with said display device and a communication module for enabling communication between the display device and multi-purpose slide-able base. The multi-purpose slide-able base is an input device adapted to communicate with the display device in first configuration and the multi-purpose slide-able base is a protection cover adapted to guard the back panel and/or the display of the display device in a second configuration. In a further configuration, multi-purpose slide-able base is configured to work as a stand to keep the display device vertical or at plurality of angles.

It is new type of Pad/Tablet which can overcome all previous limitations of conventional Laptops/Tablets/portable electronic devices. A small modification in Tablet/Pad can make it more flexible, more handy, more protected and much more.

I am sure this product is having high commercial value and it will be breakthrough. Prototype of this product is ready and it is patented. I want to share/sale this patent to interested company.

Financial information

I will share or sale this patent depends on offer. My invention has not previously sold or marketed.

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