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Toilet lid cushion

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom- Baby products]
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Do you need a little TLC? The Toilet Lid Cushion will do just that. This cushion slides onto the top lid of your toilet seat and creates a relaxing and beneficial environment for you in the bathroom. The design contours to the shape of your back and can come in a variety of different fabrics custom to the desire of the individual. This cushion is great for potty training children, the elderly or retirement homes and is all around a great addition to the bathroom. This idea can be great in hotels, hospitals and be a good product placement for Walmart.

The fabrics are interchangeable and the foam slips right out of the zipper and can be washed.

This solves the problem of the uncomfortable toilet lid and can help kids potty train easier with fun designs and possible enhanced balance while sitting up on the toilet. If you have a bad back this can help give you more comfort while sitting on the toilet.

The existing technology merely targets the bottom portion of the lid for comfort but does not showcase the possibilities of adding a cushion to the top part of the toilet lid and what it can do for individuals.

Looking for an offer that may include a small royalty.

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