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[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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The present invention is using the elementary principle that a containers weight varies with the amount of fluid the container is containing. This observation is used in the present invention to show the amount of fluid in the container by a simple weight measurement of the container. The container/jug is placed on or hung one or more springs (fig. 2.B.) or other material with the same elastic characteristic. The indicator of the fluid level is achieved by the inner containers position read in comparison to the outer container (Fig. 1.C). As the container/jug is emptied, the weight decreases and the inner container will get a higher rest position and a further bigger part of the inner container (indicator) will be visible. Fig. 1 and 2 (left container) illustrate a jug filled with coffee (fluid). The spring is calibrated in a way that the inner container (A) has a rest position, where it is nearly invisible and covered by the outer container (C). Fig. 1 and 2 (right container) illustrate a jug that is nearly empty. The inner container now has a considerable lesser weight and a high rest position. It gives a visual effect indicating the amount of fluid in the jug and it will be possible to make that estimate at a distance. As the jug empties the weight gets lesser and the container will get a rest level on a higher position and a rising part of the indicator will be visible. The advantages of the invention are the possibility from a distance to determine how much fluid the container/jug contains without shaking/lifting the jug, because the container/jug is changing form depending on how much fluid its contain.

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