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Trash Can W/ Suction Cups & Vents-Easy to Insert/Remove Trash Bags

[Category : - Tools- Bathroom- Cleaning devices]
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This invention is for a trash can with air inlets and suction cups. The air inlets are positioned so that no spills will occur. The main use of the vents is to allow air to enter and exit the trash can freely, allowing bags to easily drop into the can and mainly to allow air into the bottom of the can when removing full trash bags. This eliminates the vacuum affect and keeps the bag from sticking to the trash can because air is able to enter and allow the bag to be pulled out freely. rnrnThe suction cups are located on the bottom of the trash can with the purpose of holding the trash can securely to the floor when removing bags of trash. This eliminates the need to pull or pry the trash can off of the bag when removing. The air inlets assist in making this process even easier. With this setup, full bags of trash can easily be removed with one hand. The bag will slide out easily and the trash can will remain secured to the ground so you will never have to fight to get the bag out of the trash can.rnrnThe suction cups also keep the trash can from getting knocked over by pets that want to dig in the trash.

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