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Apparatus and process for producing charcoal from wood

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An apparatus and process for producing charcoal in a kiln from hardwood. The kiln is constructed over an array of hardwood logs supported on a suitable platform. Fill material is used to form a surrounding jacket surrounding the hardwood, a sawdust layer is applied over the surrounding jacket, and an airtight layer of clay earth and sand is applied over the sawdust layer. An ignition access port is provided through the several layers to allow ignition and combustion of the hardwood, after which the access port is closed to prevent air from entering the interior of the kiln during burning of the hardwood. After a predetermined burning time, the kiln and its contents are allowed to cool, and the filler, clay earth, sand and any remaining debris are removed from the hardwood. The hardwood is then cooled a second time, and then cooled a third time by stifling the hardwood, such as in a cooling box capped with earth.

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