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[Category : - Fitness]
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An exercise machine adaptable to perform a cardiac workout and an abdominal workout simultaneously includes a frame structure, a resistance provider, a pair of pedals, a first sprocket, a second sprocket, a sprocket rotating means, an axis, an engaging means, a cable, a seat, an elastic band, a pair of shoulder straps, a monitor and a pulley system. The sprocket rotating means allows the first sprocket to engage and disengage with the exercise bike. The pedaling of the pedals allows the user to perform the cardiac workout. The pair of shoulder straps designed to insert along the shoulders of the user is connected to the cable and creates a tensional force thereon by getting stretched with the pedaling of the pedals. The tensional force pulls the user backward and the user in turn resists the backward movement by manually contracting abdominal muscles to perform the abdominal workout.

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