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Backpack Massager with Heater (patent pending)

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Backpack Massager with Heater (patent pending)

Problem Solved: Backpack Massager and Heater

This present invention relates to a massager with / without heater loaded onto backpack or jacket. User carries it just like carrying a backpack. There is a solar source and battery storage that can help start the massager / heater when needed.

The Version of The Invention Discussed Here Includes:
1. Backpack or Jacket that can withstand slightly warm temperatures and wear & tear
2. Solar Power receivers
3. Lightweight, portable and durable Massager with / without Heater
4. Power Inlet to charge from wall power source or from within car
5. Charging indicator
6. Receiver to control the backpack / jacket using mobile app
7. Have a mobile / tablet / computer app to control the massager pressure points, heat points, charging indicator and any other key functions
8. Mobile Charger
9. Optional - Small battery storage
10. Optional - Detachable extension to massaging hips / muscles. Supporting strap can be tightened or relaxed as needed

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale or a license with royalties. This is new design and is not sold in the market yet.

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