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Baseball Bat Table

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Baseball- Furnitures]
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This is a baseball bat table that has been sold to customers, teams, parents, kids and used in bedroom decor, Sports Bars, Man Cave's, etc. It has most often been bought as a gift for others as it can be personalized in various ways such as; color, added number stamps, added decals, team designs and memorials or awards.
The wood baseball bat table has come in a multitude of options from wood stain colors to painted colors, engravings with & w/o filled colors. Baseball & Softball Players, enthusiasts have both been very happy with the design, durability, customization and distinct look that separates the table from any others.
Height of table is 28", the top of the table is a home plate shape with 3 baseball bats for legs.
This design is unique as it has the crossed legged design with the plate as the top surface. The Top plate surface permits for an large amount of Engraving variations, Decal designs, etc.

Financial information

The Baseball Bat Tables have been sold before, but not properly marketed as it was done as a hobby of the Inventor.

The goal is to sell the Patent Design Outright to someone or some company that can properly expand the tables market.

There is no other Intellectual Property connected to this invention.

Market potential, I believe someone with the marketing skills and experience would be better suited to establish that value.

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