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Surgical instrument: temporary working channel to beating heart

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Temporary instrument for cardiac surgeons and/or cardiologists that allows intra-cardiac procedures like valve operations, closure of a defect, or arrhythmia treatment to be performed minimal invasively in a beating heart without cardiac arrest. It establishes a temporary bloodless working channel from the skin to the heart. Can also be used to operate inside any other hollow organ. The assembly includes a stabiliser and an instrument to be positioned in or around a passage surrounded by body tissue, in particular vascular tissue. The stabiliser is provided with one or more suction nozzles running in the shape of a loop, which nozzles can be operationally connected to suction elements in order to suck tightly to tissue close to and around the passage, which may still have to be made. The instrument has a head section for performing operations on vascular tissue. Initial prototypes manufactured and tested.

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The US patent did receive several years of extension.

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