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Shingle Gauge Warranty App

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I own the rights to technology that allows you to measure the thickness of a shingle and determine whether or not the shingle is still under warranty.with the snap of a picture on your smart phone. There is only one manufacturer of mechanical shingle gauges, last year they sold over three million meghancial shingle gauges at $18-$25/shingle gauge. My technology makes the job of a roofer and insurance adjuster significantly easier, It’s faster, more accurate, and easier to transport. There have been countless roofers/insurance adjusters that leave their shingle gauge at job sites or lost it all around, my invention eliminates that problem completely because it is an application on your phone that will be with the consumer nine times out of ten. Whoever chooses to buy the rights to this technology will be able to develop the application, sell it for a fraction of the cost of a mechanical shingle gauge, and take complete control over this market.
My ultimate goal is to sell this patent.(I have the patent number upon request)
Make an offer.

Financial information

I am looking to sell the patent outright. Last year Haag Shingle Gauge sold over three million mechanical shingle gauges at $18-$25/shingle gauge.
There is nothing like my technology.
I am open to any offers.

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