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Security window screen

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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This Invention is a Adjustable Security Window Screen. You open the window and put this unit in the window. There are 2 sensors that get depressed when you pull the window down on top of the unit. You punch in a 3 digit sequence to arm the unit. It runs on a 9 volt battery. A flashing LED Light lets you know its activated. If someone tries to raise the window it will set off an alarm.
105db. This product has been featured by Handyman magazine. This product was tested by 200 Professional Invention testers and scored a 86%. I have sold 50,000 of these units. Have to much going on .
Who ever buys this patent will make money. This product has proven sales. Will give you 6 months of my services part time to help you get this going.

Financial information

This product has proven sales. This patent has been valued at over
3 Million dollars. Proof can be provided. Willing to do a license deal , sell outright , or do a partnership with the right person and experience.

There is no product like this on the market. I will offer my services on a part time basis for 6 months in a sale situation. I have people who want to buy the product right now but currently do not have any more inventory to sell.

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