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CONE ICE CREAM KIOSK - Marketable object for selling ice cream,

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Camping and Outdoors - Advertising methods]
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The object in form of a cone, for the sale of ice containing a freezer, a sunshade and a chair is a self-standing object for the sale of ice on public grounds, or in its smaller version for indoors. It contains all necessary elements for an ice-cream stand. On top of the object there is a lamp and in the central third of the cone there are four flexible wings, which form in open position a sunshade. Between the wings an awning is spread. In the lower part of the cone, there is a classical freezer for ice-cream built in. The chair, which is also in form of a cone can be opened and its interior used as a waste paper basket. The outside surfaces of both the cone and the chair are decorated with advertisements.

Financial information

- sale, a license with royalties or another form of partnership
- it has been sold for croatian ans slovenian market
- unique kiosk which has advertising potential too
- there is nothing similar in ice cream industry
- there are two types of these kiosks (type L and type S)
- it is protected on US and EU market

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