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Combined hood and scarf

[Category : - Headwear]
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My invention is a one piece easy to put on head wear Hood, that wraps and snaps in the back with velcro, Not pull over like the other hats, You can shape it anyway you like, It can be worn on or off the head, It's great for winter, spring or summer depending on the fabric. In the winter, it's warm and with the wide strap that can be worn up or down, Also as a choker, it gives extra protection for keeping the neck, face, ears warm. and keeps the wind and particles from entering the noise and mouth, And possibly may can prevent from catching colds, it's very stylish and eye catching, And in the spring and summer with the light weight fabric it's cool, And the hood can be pulled down like a brim, And adjusted to your liking to protect from the sun. It's a unisex product, and admired by all.. It's a great seller, sold out at every event I attended, You can check out my website to see instruction on how to put it on.

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