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Power wheel

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The Power Wheel is a device that attaches to the various water sources in the home to harness water flow energy to create storable hydroelectricity

Utilizes otherwise wasted energy by harnessing power of waste water flow.

Reduces the dependency on the existing electricity supply by providing a storable power source.

Increases the likelihood users can save money on power bills.

Decreases a households’ carbon footprint by using an alternative power source.

Using a clean fuel source won't pollute the air like power plants that burn fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas.
Solely relying on electric power plants leaves you vulnerable to power outages and disruptions. A dependency on fossil fuels is harmful for the U.S. economy as well as the environment. Non-renewable fuel sources like coal are finite and will eventually be depleted. Reliance on the current electricity generation infrastructure is costly for the consumer.

Description & Features
The Power Wheel is primarily a wastewater electricity generating apparatus. It is comprised of a housing that attaches to in-flowing and out-flowing water pipes. The water flows in to the turbine generator (the Wheel) and the synchronous generator sends electricity to a storage unit. Water flow sources include rain gutters and any other outdoor water runoff features. It can also utilize the wastewater from indoor plumbing, such as a kitchen sink or garbage disposal. The system converts flowing water into power and stores the generated power in a battery. The system may be built into a home or building’s plumbing. It can also be incorporated into a building’s downspout system. The exact specifications may vary.

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