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Pet collar health sensors

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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My unique idea is not patented as yet and i do not want anyone to steal it. The product idea is as below:- As we all know pets cannot communicate to us when they are not well. If they feel pain in their stomach they eat lawn grass or find some or the other way to stress out their pain by giving a signal. I think my pet health sensor is just the solution for any pet or any animal. Idea is to make a pet collar health sensor which can be easily fitted on the pets neck where you can find a pulse on the pet. For people or human's normally the doctor's find the pulse of a patient to understand whether he is in pain, is patient feeling frustrated,weak etc. The same technology will be used in the pet collar health sensors. It will measure the pulse of the pet, for e.g a dogs pulse to understand whether he is weak,angry,sad,hungry,pain etc. The output will be displayed on your android phone. There will be an app which will consist all of your pets health history or the data which will be added as and when you utilize the health sensor on your pets neck. The data will be synced and will be sent to your app. App will contain pre-loaded solutions which you can try at your house. Any thing else like an emergency ,Doctor's will respond as per the requirement and give you a solution when you contact them via the app. Faster solution are expected as the doctor will already have the current pulse reading. I can image this technology can be also useful for human beings. I want someone who can pay me for this idea and bring me in as a partner to bring this to life.

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