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Illuminating elements for monitors to substitute emergency lights

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING- Security and alarms]
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Nowadays we have a monitor or a television in all our rooms:
in our bedroom, in our living room, even in our kitchen.
If switched on, they are able to light the area around, but this works only with electricity.

Or at least, in the past.

What I am proposing is a simple and almost invisible device, self-powered and capable of lighting up and enlightening the area in case of black out.

How it works:
Illuminating elements (such as LED strip light) integrated or located on the back of the monitor with a low energy consumption and charged by a battery working only in case of emergency.

The benefits:
Low Price
No installation costs
Easy to install in few instants
Perfect for everyone

For more information, contact me.

Financial information

The patent has been deposited at the beginning of 2018. I am looking for buyers or partners to develop this idea. At the moment, the deposit is exclusive propriety of the inventor.

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