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The Dynabrush is a self-dispensing toothbrush. It has a cylinder that is used as the handle, within which, has the means to dispense toothpaste on top of the bristles from within the system.
The Dynabrush combines into one unit that would normally take two separate products to accomplish.
There are two different models of the Dynabrush, but in each case, the brush head unit remains universal to either design. It must be made clear that the brush head not only lasts as long as any conventional model but it does not retain any more bacteria or food particles than any standard toothbrush on the market. Simply rinse well with water (using your thumb to strum the bristles) then tap off any extra water, just as you would any normal brush.
The first model is a refillable model. The user of the product can fill and refill the cylinder with his/her favorite brand of toothpaste. The production advantage of this model only requires the mechanism itself be produced as there is no commitment to charging the cylinder with toothpaste from the assembly.
The second model features a disposable cylinder. In this case, the cylinder comes pre charged with a given formula of toothpaste. Each cylinder holds enough toothpaste for roughly 21 applications (about a weeks worth). Of course the advantage of this, the consumer is required to repurchase freshly charged cylinders for the brush head unit (which lasts as long as any conventional toothbrush). The further advantage of a disposable cylinder is the ability to easily compete with other toothpaste manufacturing companies with expected success. A commitment to toothpaste formulation and production is required.
The Dynabrush is suitable for military application. If you can offer a basic toothpaste formula and would like to provide to the uncommon market, the Dynabrush will keep in step with your plans and flex with your needs.
Before designing the Dynabrush, I researched similar products dating back to the 1930's, which has given the Dynabrush an incredible advantage regarding design. The very fact that such a product has never seen a common market shelf is what makes the potential of this product exciting.
You know you want it.
Asking price depends on expected terms negotiated.
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Allan Wilcox

Financial information

There are over 8 billion people in this world and most of them have teeth.
Do you need additional motivation? Before you start making plans of your own, you need to understand I have spent no little thought to this over the years. Perhaps you are wary about competing against corporate giants? Don't be worried, this is The Dynabrush.
Companies like Colgate and Crest will gladly sell you their toothpaste if you believe that your ability to repackage their product will sell. They will want you to credit their logo, pay homage to their company and advertise their toothpaste formula. I strongly suggest going this route. Heirloom companies which bear vintage names have brands that people have trusted in for decades.... This will not only help with Dynabrush sales, but when the common consumer begins to abandon a "genuine" company product for the Dynabrush, you begin to control that companies product.
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