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[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A binding strap assist mechanism. The binding strap assist mechanism can be retrofit onto standard snowboard binding straps to bias the binding straps and an open configuration. Binding straps pass through the binding strap assist mechanism so that tensile stress along the length of each of these binding straps during use is not significantly conveyed to the binding straps assist mechanism. The tensile stress are thus isolated to the binding straps which are intended to carry such stresses. The present invention provides a safe and convenient feature to snowboard bindings and other bindings. Safety is achieved because even if the binding strap assist mechanism breaks or fails to function, the binding straps will continue to function as normal.

Financial information

Looking to sell the IP to a binding manufacturer.
Product has not been previously marketed.
There are two utility patents and two design patents.

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