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Detangled Custom cords

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Extension Cord Revolution.

3 improved features:
- The ends of the cord are colored differently for identification to assist the user in locating a single end of the cord if tangled or not.
- The cord is marked with rings around it verses the traditional stripes along the cord.
- LED lighting can be incorporated with the cord.

4 Benefits:
- A pioneering branding strategy for a company to increase sales and for the ease of consumers to identify an extension cord on store shelves that will stand apart from all competitors.

- Improve sales relationships with schools or businesses by customizing cords with school or company colors; which would be a security feature against theft.

- The color scheme and marking method assists users to identify and detangle the cord as quickly and efficiently as possible by being able to see a starting point verses confusion over where to start untangling from.

- LED lights can be used for cosmetic appearance or a safety feature if used in traffic areas at night.

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