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Startup Acquisition United States/U.N Government Debt Financing

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Listing Information-(*Buyer must read complete auction terms prior to purchase)
1. Startup Company Background
A. Name Of Startup- 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation
B. Startup Company Not Incorporated
C.(* Company has no patents and this listing does not include a patent)
D. Owner wrongfully has lost 350 thousand from past employers.
E. Owner will forward ceo to new individual
F. Owner and Seller Of This Listing Rashad Abdul Has Diagnosed With Herpes 2
G. 14 Corporate Divisions
H. Financial Service Company
I. Will manufacture first ever Trillionare financial card
J. Naming rights for Trillionaire new income bracket
K. Will have locations in United States, Africa
L. Customer base African Blacks

2. Startup Company Achievements
A. Government Debt Financing Trade Business Solution Plan
B. Realistic Business Solution Plan To Stabilize or Improve The United States Government, Stock Market, High Income Bracket Networth Future Earnings Based on Seller's Business Solution Plan. (Click on within 2ba link to view high networth for royals, *Sheikh Rashid Maktoum Prime Minister United Arab Emirates Government loss of 50 to 75 percent of Networth since 2006).
C. Government currency exchange rate system value appreciation adjustment for government investors such as United States, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria based on economic revenue GDP surplus from United Nation Trade Deal Agreement.(*Trade deal project will be provided within Second Edition 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Business Solution Plan submitted to buyer of this listing and seller's amazon listing). (*Below are currency exchange rates for Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, China, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Japan, United Kingdom, and European Union with 5 billion united states dollar usd as conversion equivalent, (*CL provides link to exchange rates to confirm equivalent. CM and CN provides links for Kuwait and United Arab Emirates Economy. Kuwait generates 40 to 50 percent less revenue than U.A.E but Kuwait currency is valuable based on exchange rate conversion with other government currencies.)
Ca. Vietnemese Dong equals- 116,801,962,272,966 trillion Vietnamese Dong
Cb. Kuwaiti Dinar equals= 1,514,349,827.53 billion Kuwaiti Dinar
Cc. United Arab Emirates Dirham equals= 18,364,461,094.89 billion Dirham United Arab Emirates
Cd. Chinese Yuan equals= 34,226,648,868.81 billion Chinese Yuan
Ce. Russian Ruble equals= 332,276,914,263.92 billion Russian Ruble
Cf. Nigerian Naira equals= 1,812,499,796,093.77 trillion Nigerian Naira
Cg. Ghanaian Cedi equals= 23,715,227,547 billion Ghanaian Cedi
Ch. Japanese Yen equals= 562,698,702,979.49 billion Japanese Yen
Ci. United Kingdom Pound Sterling equals= 3,822,337,741.76 billion Pound Sterling
Cj. European Union Euro equals= 4,256,224,728.67 billion Euro
Cm. Link
Cn. Link
D. This listing auction is one of the most valuable asset commodity private or public part ownership merger and acquisition sale offer since Google's and Microsoft IPO's during 1990's and 2000's based on independent and Chief Executive Officer's or seller's market asset valuation.
E1. African Black humanitarian financial program
E2. 4 Limited Edition T-Shirt Frame Collectible Memorabilia For
E2a. Buyer Of This Listing
E2b. First Government Investor
E2c. United Nations and 10 Exponent 13 Museum Division In New York City
E2d. Seller Listing And Owner Of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Name Is Rashad Abdul
F. (*Founder and Chief Executive Officer's 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Government Debt Financing Business Solution Plan is within startup phase and startup phase has been developed with strategic implementation plan and consideration such as return on investment terms for the potential buyer of listing/reasonable sale price market overall compensation comparison due to global industry occupation and previous merger and acquisition compensation data can be viewed below at Economic Context section of this listing).
G. Gambling video game console, new oil market, Government geography point of sales and currency printing manufacturing method process update (*Developed, proposed, and manufacture rights claimed by 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation's Business Solution Plan to aid with restructure of United States economy debt with United Nations Trade Deal, can't be manufactured without this auction sale by manufacture such as Apple and United States government.
H. *Asset commodity auction investment for investors dividend growth and loss off dividend transaction prevention within Institutional portfolio of Institutional and Ultra High Networth Investors such as Blackrock, Vanguard Group, UBS Group AG, George Soros, and Jimmy Iovine/Dr Dre.
I. *Last significant merger and acquisition partnership deal to projected to have 50 to 100 percent growth rate for Forbes Billionaires such as George Soros Real Time Billionaires Forbes List. (*Projected Position From Secondary Equity Stake Sale Seller's Startup 190 to top 5).
J. *Buyer will secure new market position from return on investment and government state owned partnership through this auction listing merger and acquisition of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation sale offer.
K.*Seller will manufacture 1st ever Air Force One Train as Proposed United States government Prime Minister and as part of Seller's Rebuild United States Economy Plan.
L. *One Of World's Most Valuable Startups/Corporations(Based on valuation).
M. *Seller of auction has Bachelor Business Degree and Marketing Management Major Baruch College.

Financial information

1. Startup Company Valuation
A. Government Debt Financing Business Solution Plan
1a. Value= 30 to 100 trillion (usd) based on market data trans pacific trade deal(*Estimate)
B. Company Ownership Private Ownership Stake For Sell, Intangible, Tangible Assets Under Management Valuation
1a. Company Ownership Stake Valuation
40 percent Ownership Value= 40 trillion (usd)
1b.Merger and Acquisition, Grant Award, Government Art Auction Sale, George Soros Short Sell,United Nations Government Compensation, and Corporate Executive Compensation Data:
1b1. Y Combination= Offers 120k for Startup, Apdynamic Ciso 3.5 billion
1b2. Corporate Financial Executive And Hedge Fund Manager Annual Compensation= 10 million to 1 billion(usd) (Includes salary, bonus, stock option) (*Click on link 1b2a. for CEO James Dimon JP Morgan Chase Annual compensation plan 6.5 million usd annual salary).
1b3. Government Art Sale Salvator Mundi 450.3 million dollars to Abu Dhabi government December 2017(*Click on link 1b3a to view most expensive art sale list).
1b3a. Link
1b4. Major merger and acquisition transactions by international and domestic United States corporations such as Amazon Whole Foods Acquisition, and governments of Vietnam and Russia merger and acquisition deal with percentage ownership information can be viewed on webpage url links below on 1b4a, 1b4b, 1b4c, 1b4d, 1b4e, and 1b4f numbers for this listing.(*Data Source Wikipedia and Reuters)
1b4a. Link
1b4b. Link

1b5. List Of Highest Paid American Television Stars(Click on webpage url link below for compensation data).
1b6. George Soros Of Soros Fund Management and 1 billion usd profit from UK Pound currency short sell investment compensation data url link below.
1b7. United Nation 2017 Contribution Funding and Compensation Data Received By Government State Members webpage url link below.
1c. Intangible Assets Valuation
Government Debt Financing Business Solution Plan Value= 30 to 100 trillion
1d. Tangible Assets Valuation
4 Limited Edition 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation T-Shirt Display Frame Collectible Memorabilia Description Information
1e. Size of memorabilia 18x24 Matte black finish black velour backing brand studio decor, size of t-shirt medium cotton brand name Gemrock,
1f. *Estimate value 4 Limited Edition T-shirts= 500 million to 500 billion (usd). Most expensive t-shirt sale and sold on market webpage Url Link can be viewed number 1h
1g. T-Shirt Market Sale Information ...
UNICEF Cargo Flight $300,000. ...
Superlative Luxury $400,000.

2. Revenue, Return On Investment, Profit Split, Government Debt Financing Market, And United States Government Tarp Program Information For Initial Co-ownership Sale
From Government Debt Financing Business Solution Deals With Startup Company 10
Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation(*Estimates)
2a, Brand Equity and Value= 10 to 100 billion (usd) (Based on projected revenue from corporation business operation excludes revenue from United Nations Trade Deal Projects.) Revenue primary projected from 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation's Bank Division Trillionaire Foreign Reserves Government Credit Card (*1 Trillion Credit Limit and United Nations Member and Non Member Government Account Holders).
2b. Brand Equity and Value With 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation United Nations Trade Deal Projects Revenue Included=30 to 100 trillion (usd)
2c. Annual Revenue= 20 billion to 50 billion (usd)
2d. Return On Investment= 30 percent or more
2e. Annual Profit Split With Buyer Of This Listing= 850 million to 1.8 billion (usd)
2f. Revenue for corporate or government investor Debt Financing Plan United Nations= 30 trillion to 100trillion (estimate 100 United Nations government contributions 10 Exponent `3 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation trade deal payment)
2g1. Government Debt Financing Market Information From Three Global Governments(*Data can be viewed on United States government Department Treasury and House Of Representative Financial Services Committee and Wikipedia websites. Global government external debt data can be viewed on link provided on number 2g3. Troubled Asset Relief Program Funding Corporation Recipients data can be viewed on link provided on number 2g4. Both links below).
A. United States Government Debt Information
a. National Debt = 20 trillion (usd)
b. Federal debt= 6 trillion
c. Public Debt= 14 trillion
B. China Government Debt Information
a. National Debt = 4.3 trillion (usd)
b. Federal debt= 3.6 trillion (usd)
c. Public Debt= 400 billion (usd)
C. Russia Government Debt Information
a. National Debt= 500 billion (usd)
b.Federal debt= 450 billion
c.Public debt= 50 billion
2g2. Tarp Program Asset Relief Information For United States Financial Institutions
a.Tarp Program Funding= 475 billion (usd)
2g3. Link
3. Terms For Buyer
3a. 20,000,000 million(usd) payment for International United Nations Member and Non-Member Governments and selected corporations only for .70 percent (less than 1 percent) startup company stake ownership acquisition of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation co-ownership based on Government Debt Market Valuation.) (*United States Government Sale Price will also be 20 million (usd). Significant investment opportunity for international governments*)
3a1.(*20 million usd cash transaction will be less than 1 to 50 percent of United Nations Member and Non-Member Governments external debt such as United States estimated $19 to 21 trillion estimated external debt*).
3a2. (*United Nations Member and Non-Member Governments can utilize their immediate access to cash capital for funding acquisition sale of this auction listing without need of financial institution borrowing or lender such as Citibank).
3b. (*Contact seller of listing and owner of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation with Scheduled meeting date within 1 years for contract signing only after sale of listing).(*United States Government..
3c. Meeting with seller of listing and government debt financing business solution plan manufacture parties discussed during first meeting.(*1 years after sale except United States Government 3 months to 1 year.
3d. Seller if a company or government must provide support for the Founder and CEO 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation's health life expectancy plan. (* Overview will be in Second Edition Business Solution Plan)
3e. If government investor, must declare minority or majority government ownership based on comprehensive business development plan compensation structure after United Nations Trade Deal Compensation is final and discuss with seller additional equity stake offer options to the seller based on market value and business development plan.
3f.If corporate public traded investor, must provide top 10 institutional share holder placement for seller and 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation.
3g. No compensation revenue or income split for banks, console manufacture, utility company, internet service provider, government owned corporations, and governments who are not the first initial stake owner buyer and second selected stake owner of the startup discussed in board, stockholder, or government meeting.
3h. (*Buyer has to during contract meeting agree in legal agreement contract that, seller will and or has at date and time provided an overview of 10 Exponent 13 Bank Investment Corporation's Government Debt Financing Business Solution Plan with context and overall description in startup phase of development).
3i. (*Buyer during first meeting and contract agreement signing include in contract no cash back all sale final specified by seller in this listing. Seller has provided investment risk advise such as independent market valuation, which can be performed by Buyer prior to purchase or sale. Seller has provided United States government Office Comptroller Merger and Acquisition Guideline document to potential buyers of this listing from a Tarp recipient corporation.
3ia. (*Buyer must include in contract during first meeting government ownership and or corporation majority institutional stock holder placement option declaration for Seller and current Owner of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation after comprehensive/small business administration format of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation has been submitted to Buyer of listing and return on investment has be finalized by United Nations Member and Non State Governments and manufacture partners.
3ib. (*Buyer has to include in contract during first meeting support of Seller Life Expectancy health recovery program).
3ic. (* Buyer has to include in contract during first meeting Seller of This Listing Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Rashad Abdul has specified in his Patent and Amazon auction to the Buyer of his Herpes 2 Diagnosis.
3id.(* Buyer must pay 20 million usd in this listing in all cash transaction and include in contract for secondary equity stake valuation discussion meeting with potential government and corporate partners).
3ie. (*Buyer must pay for 1.5 percent of all cost involved with acquiring investment compensation from secondary equity investor owners of 10 Exonent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation until deal agreement has been reached by parties involved from secondary sale. Amazon and Patent Auction listing for first equity stake offer is below fair market value. Upon secondary equity sale merger and acquisition, cost, profit, and equity stake ownership percentage terms will be adjusted to reflect fair market value not below. Buyer must include in contract during first meeting.
3if. (* Buyer must include in first contract that Seller Rashad Abdul 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation will pay for the cost legal documents and secondary incorporated costs of first contact only if cost is below 1.4 million united states dollars or international currency equivalent.
3J. *Allowed Government Auction Listing Buyers Only: Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Singapore, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Vietnam, Belgium, China, Kuwait, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Qatar, Germany, Japan, Cayman Islands. (*Update allowed government buyers listed can be the only allowed government buyer for this listing.)
3k. *Not Allowed Government and Corporation Auction Listing Buyers: Iraq, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Greece, Canada, Russia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Saudi Arabia,North and South Korea, Mexico,Cuba, Guatemala, Pakistan, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Poland, Turkey, Brunei, State Of Palestine, Defy, Bloomberg LP, Kwame Inc's Clients, JP Morgan Chase, Axa Equitable Holding, Insurance Company, Soft Bank Group, We Work, Time Warner, Verizon, Nike, Adidas, Blackstone Group, Microsoft, Google, Capital One Bank, TD Bank, Sony, Nintendo, Museums, Real Estate Development Corporations, Ukraine, Neuberger Berman,Oppenheimer Distributor.(*Only retail companies allowed to be buyer listed below. Microsoft will offer secondary equity.)
3L. *Allowed Corporate Auction Listing Buyers Only: Amazon, Ebay inc, Bank Of China, George Soros Of Open Society Foundation, First Citizens Bancshares Inc, Apple,Tilman Fertitta Landry's Inc, Netflix, Oracle Corporation, Diageo, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard Group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Bank Of England, FMR Fidelity Investment Inc, Bank Of America, Live Nation Entertainment, UBS Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Wells Fargo, Sun Trust Banks Inc, Safra Group, Citigroup, Blackrock, Ernst and Young, PricewaterhouseCooper, Goldman Sachs, Steven A Cohen Point 72, Ray Dalio Bridgewater Associates, Kenneth Griffin Citadel, World Poker Fund Holdings, Porsche AG, BMW, Daimler AG.(*Corporations not listed above can not buy includes international corporations not listed.)
3M. * Buyer must conduct independent and market analysis prior to sales as listing has no cash back sale final but Seller is obligated to return on investment to Buyer of this listing. Upon market analysis review, Buyer will make a determination that a government debt market, global government trade deal export import compensation, and United Nations funding from global governments is valid according to Seller's data source. This auction listing is also a non-securities sale fraud such as previous investment practices of mortgage asset default and lending by Bernie Madoff of Madoff Investment Securities, Bank Of America, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup.

3N.*Government or corporate buyers not included within Amazon currency support such as Ghana and Kuwait will have to pay in United States Dollars or usd currency conversion. The Amazon currency support url link is below found at number 3O.

3P. *Seller's Amazon sale webpage to purchase or buy the auction listing Is listed on number 4O and Seller's Website Tab.

4. Terms For Seller Of Listing
4a. Ship 1st of 4 Limited Edition 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Limited Edition T-shirt Display Frame Collectible Memorabilia And Last Department Of State New York Certificate Reservation Company Name to buyer within 14 days after sale.
4b. Provide comprehensive business development plan to buyer(* Provided During Second Meeting).(*Will be in United States Government SBA Format).
4c. Declare and release .70 percent and less than 1 percent startup company stake ownership of 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation to buyer upon payment
4d. Split 2 percent initial compensation from government debt financing corporate manufacture parties and government investors company stake ownership deals to buyer.
4e. 1.70 percent annual profit split to buyer
4f. *Declare 10 Exponent 13 Bank Division Corporate Trillionaire financial card Co-Ownership to Buyer once manufactured. Financial card product will have credit limit 1 trillion usd.
4g. (*Provide Second Edition 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation Government Business Development Plan Sent To Dept. Treasury. Will include description of startup company, bio of owner and seller, division information, project scope of debt financing plan, market data past government trade deals, etc. (Seller and owner will provide during first meeting within 1 year after sale) (*Second Edition is Overview Of Startup, Government Trade Deal, and Government Debt Financing Plan and will provide description of startup phase).

4H. * Seller of the listing will pay for the cost of the first contract only if it's less than 100 thousand united states dollars or international equivalent.

4i. *Buyer has to buy from seller's Amazon Auction Page URL Link is Below.
4J. Listing auction data source are Reuters, Wikipedia, Investopedia, Google, Money Inc,, Pew Research Center, United Nations, Department Treasury United States government, United States government House Of Representatives Financial Services Committee, and 10 Exponent 13 Bank & Airline Investment Corporation
4K. * or asterisk symbol means and includes consultant advisory additional important information must be reviewed by buyer of listing.
4L. *Seller will have during first meeting physician consultant with Buyer.
4M. *This auction listing is below market value based on valuations
4N. *No Bitcoins
4O. * Seller Amazon webpage url link is below

TO BUY THE LINK IS BELOW Amazon Auction Webpage Or Click Seller's Website Tab:


Investment References

1. Organization: Kofi Annan Foundation
Phone: +41 22 919 7520
Email address: [Use the button below to contact me]
Work Location: P.O.B 157 1211 Geneva 20 Switzerland
Work Industry: Organization

2. Name: Squire Mcnear
Employer: Potamkin Cadillac
Position Title: Sales & Leasing Consultant
Phone: 212-708-3143
Email address: [Use the button below to contact me]
Work Location: 706 Eleventh Avenue New York, NY 10019
Work Industry: Automobile

3. Name: Michael Stahl
Employer: Porsche
Position Title: Porsche Sales
Phone: 212-594-6200 ext 335
Email address: [Use the button below to contact me]
Work Location: 711 11th Ave New York, NY 10019
Work Industry: Automobile

4.Name: Jimmy Iovine and Andre Romelle Young(Dr Dre)
Employer: Beats Electronics
Position Titles: Board Members
Phone: 424-231-2995 and 800-442-4000
Work Industry: Technology and Entertainment

5. Name: Steven Terner Mnuchin
Employer: United States Department Of The Treasury
Position Title: Secretary Of The Treasury
Phone: 202-622-2000
Work Location: 1500 Pennsylvania Ave N.W Washington, D.C 20020
Work Industry: Government

6. Name: Edward Barrett
Employer: Legal Aid Society Westchester County
Position Title: Staff Attorney
Phone: 914-286-3400
Work Location: 150 Grand St #150 White Plains, NY 10601

7. Name: Jeffrey P. Bezos
Employer: Amazon
Position Title: Founder, CEO, and Chairman
Phone: 206-266-1000
Work Location: 410 Terry Ave North Seattle, WA 98109

8. Name: Ernesto Shaw Jr or DJ Clue
Employer: Power 105.1
Phone: 800-585-1051

9. Name: James Jim Cramer
Employer: The Street Inc and CNBC Mad Money
Position: CO-Founder
Phone: 800-743-2622
Email: [Use the button below to contact me]
Work Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

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