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Generator for production electricity

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These generators for power generation utilize forces from abroad acting on the generator shift mechanism which translates. This generator can be placed on the wheel, cylinder, tile, and belt (belt) moving. Can be used in small systems and large systems. On small systems can be used in cars, trucks, trains, bicycles etc. In large systems can be used for the construction of power stations, railways, seas, river running lengths, etc. This small-size generator uses the weight of vehicles acting on the ground during movement, and the air resistance that acts on the body of the car during movement to produce electricity. This energy that is produced by these generators mounted on the wheel and on the body of the vehicle can be reserved on the vehicle battery and used for the needs of the vehicle. Positive sides rnIt is a great implementation in practice, it is not expensive to produce, it is zero polluting the environment, the price can be brought to ± 30% of generators that work rotationally. We are interested in selling this patent or developing it as a business partnership product.

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