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[Category : - Toys and games]
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A balloon gun comprising a hollow cylindrical body, one or more hand grips attached to the cylindrical body, a release trigger pivotally mounted on one of the hand grips or on the hollow cylindrical body and a balloon attaching mechanism. A balloon inflated with a fluid can be inserted inside the hollow cylindrical body and the inflated balloon is held by the balloon attaching mechanism. When the trigger is pressed the neck of the inflated balloon gets released from the balloon attaching mechanism and by the difference in fluid pressure that exists between the inside and outside of the balloon, the fluid rushes out of the balloon once the neck gets released from the balloon attaching mechanism and the force of the fluid coming out of the inflated balloon pushes the balloon forward and the balloon flies till the fluid pressures inside and outside of the balloon get equalized.

Business cases, marketing info also produced and included. This is a sale.

Financial information

Priced for quick sale. Contact us to discuss. Large market potential, this is a safer version of the Nerf (TM) type game kids play, for parents that are concerned about projectiles. Loads of fun and huge market potential.

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