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[Category : - Heating & Cooling]
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An energy efficient electrically operated steam generator is capable of producing pressure less high temperature as well as superheated steam. It comprise of main body (14) defined by side wall, roof (2) and open bottom, securely fixed to the rim of water holding tray (7). Said roof is provided with steam outlet nozzles (16) to allow the steam to emerge out of the steam generator. A porous ceramic honeycomb (3) with plurality of parallel channels (4), and grooves (5) or holes (23) are created therein for inserting heating element (6). One end of all the channels (4) is always submerged in water (11) in tray (7), and the other end of most of the channels is open to the roof and both ends of the heating element are connected to the power source for heating the water to generate steam.

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