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A robotic system that includes a plurality of controlled linkages operating in an environment where random disturbance forces act on the linkages is disclosed. A rigid chassis with first and third linkages pinned to the rigid chassis at one end and pinned at the other end to other linkages is also disclosed. Sensors are also disclosed that sense the respective angles and rates of change of the angles between the chassis and the first and third linkages. Motors are also disclosed that move the first and third linkages about the pinned connections to the chassis. A controller is disclosed that controls the first and second motors as a function of the output of the sensors and a sum of the magnitudes of the discrete disturbance forces acting on the linkages to programmably control the first and second angles. The controller thereby controls the position and motion of all of the linkages without need for calculating the discrete disturbance forces acting on the individual linkages. Electric motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors and similar motors are disclosed. A two part rotary system is also disclosed. The two part rotary system provides stable operation, even in an environment where it is subject to random disturbances. Methods are also disclosed for controlling a robotic system. Other robotic systems and methods are also disclosed.

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