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[Category : - OTHER- Advertising methods]
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The present invention relates to a sequential website moving system using a voice guide message, in which: the content of a web page displayed in a web browser of a client terminal is analyzed; and information on other related websites is provided as a voice guide message, thereby moving to the other websites without using search sites. The present invention mainly comprises: a web server management module which receives registered information on a web page operated on a web server, and stores and manages the information in a web server DB; a web server keyword management module which is provided with a keyword corresponding to the web page operated on the web server, and stores and manages the keyword in a keyword DB; a web browser analysis module which recognizes the content of the web page displayed on a web browser of a client terminal, selects a word or the context representative of the web page as a representative word, and stores the representative word in a representative word DB; a voice guide message generation module which compares the representative word selected in the web browser analysis module with the keyword stored in the keyword DB of the web server keyword management module, links the web page registered on the web server with the corresponding keyword if the matched keyword exists, and generates the linked page as a voice guide message of the displayed web page; and a voice guide message display module which outputs the web page voice guide message generated in the voice guide message generation module as a voice while the web page is displayed on the web browser of the client terminal.

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