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Dumbbell with resistance bands

[Category : - Fitness]
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As you know, fitness and health concerns are among the areas of highest concern in today's society. One type of free weight is a dumbbell that can be used individually or in pairs. Resistance training, another common form of exercise, can be performed with elastic bands or hydraulic resistance machinery. One problem encountered during exercise is how to combine weight training with resistance training in order to have a more productive workout. Makeshift devices that combine these two forms of exercise can be haphazard and prone to cause more harm than good. Accordingly, there exists a need for combining weight and resistance training within one device. The development of the present invention fulfills this need.
This product is a game changer. Dumbbells with resistance bands suitable for performing a variety of exercises have been patented. The dumbbells include a pair of resistance bands that are affixed to opposing ends of dumbbell weights. Each dumbbell weight includes a means to adjust the length of the band as well as a locking mechanism. The length of each band may be adjusted and locked to provide varying levels of resistance. There are three levels of tension resistance: beginners, intermediate and advanced

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