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fire detection in wiring system with light(LED) indication.

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1)Every years we losing billion in property or building due to fire cause in the wiring and human life too.In malaysia we loss 4.4billion loss due to wiring problem for 2016..In the world we lossing few hundred billion cause wiring .USA loss in fire 2016 USD 1.2 billion,UAE insurance claims on fire 2017 Dh 1.22billion.Saudi Arabia market for securiti and fire safety for 2017 US5.4 billion.

2)Ground fault in electrical cause fire in the wiring system.My invention to monitor ground fault and identify point location cause fire start in the wiring system.The system will cut off when he notice any fire detection in wiring.

3)Fire detection with fault indictor to show the system with working
or fault status.
Current in the market which know as ELCB(Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) or RCCB(Residual Current Circuit Breaker).This system don't have fire detection and no indictor in the ELCB or RCCB..
My invention device will stop fire in wiring system and reduce billion in the equipment maintenance too.

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