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[Category : - Tools- Bathroom]
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A system and method for unclogging a drain involving at least one internal member and at least one external member. At least one member is ferromagnetic, and at least one member is a magnet. External members may have handles. Internal members are disposed inside a pipe and external members are disposed outside a pipe. When an external member is moved, the magnetic force between the internal and external members causes the internal member to move. Internal members can be disposed such that they cause a clog to move further into the drain system. Internal members can also be disposed such that they are below the clog when it forms, allowing the internal members to move the clog out of the pipe system, into the sink, toilet, or other basin. Safety members can be disposed below the internal members to prevent loss of internal members into pipe system.

A great advantage of this product is that you leave it in the toilets drain line, you never take it out, you never even have to look at it. You can also unclog the toilet with the lid closed. No need for a nasty used plunger laying around in your bathroom. Much much more sanitary than any other kind of plunger on the market.

Here is a link to a quick YouTube video,

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