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Configure Price Quote-CPQ eCom Quotes/Orders Sites & MarketPlace

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Construction Processes & Equipment- Ordering and selling methods]
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At Link is a 10 Min Video about the Software covered in the patent. Also info at Link .

eMarket Places
Online marketplaces offer business and consumers a place to buy almost anything. Today’s savvy consumer now wants to do the same thing with everything they buy, including specialized services or customized products. They want to log on, inquire about a service or product, customize it to their specific requirements, and then instantly receive multiple quotes from different providers all competing for their business.

eMarket Places provide patented software and market cost-effective software solutions to companies that conduct internet commerce. eMarket Places generate price comparisons specifically for companies that sell or buy products or services using configure price quote components.

Utilizing this revolutionary patented marketplace/e-commerce software engine allows customers to go to one place to inquire on any configurable products or services and
receive instant price quotes from multiple local companies.

An E-commerce system logic of defining product specifications with or without option variable questions by means of a XSD file. The XSD file defines: type of data input, more information links, format ability, edit rules on the answer, and error message words if input errors occur. The option selections will have user definable interrelationship with cross checking between options. Each option element has the ability to invoke a specified "More Information" link with answers integrated back to the questions. The XSL file is used to define various components such as: math to compute the selling price, shipping cost, sales tax & other fields.; The resultant option answers are retained in XML format in a single table within the database. The final checkout order will not occur until the update cart has been successfully completed without any errors. Each option is contained in an element definitions for standalone and for the Portal access additional subset (using ) within each element of the e-commerce system. The Portal will allow prospects to select a product family. A system defined allowed number of suppliers can be selected to provide quotes via Web Services. The returned quoted price is displayed to the prospect with the ability to select the supplier and award the contract. The prospect continues on to the awarded supplier

Financial information

Patent and Software is for sale. This is a virtual internet business.
Software exists for the CPQ eCommerce and migration of Market Place is pending due to limited capital.
Value Proposition of Patent Summary % changes in Marketplace
-83% Buyer Reduced hours from 3.1 to .5 hours
Vendor Overhead reduction
-38% From 3.4 to 2.1 hours on visit
-34% From $157 to $103.50 for Estimator making visit
-91% From $157 to $13.50 for Estimator if not ask to visit
Vendor Decreased cost
-11% -$53.50 if awarded the order
-91% -$143.50 if NOT awarded the order
+11% Gross Margin on a 16Hr Job @ $898 from 46.88% to 52.84%
Market Place adds additional $12 to $360 Million revenue per year
If 2% of Home Advisor users, they would increase Revenue by $12MM and @ 10% Royalty would generate $1.2MM income.

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