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Aid for loading a horse into a horsebox

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The Equisafe Easyloder (EE) is a soft padded harness with integral retracting locking system. Once the harness is in place it works by pressure correctly applied to the muscle group on the hind legs above the hock. When pressure is applied to this area it encourages the equine to walk forward. The EE unlike any other manual harness works with an integral retracting locking system, so when the equine moves forward albeit only a few inches the line is drawn in and then locks not allowing for backward movement. This accomplishes many things. 1. there is no pressure on the head. 2. the 2 1/2 inch wide webbing that is the retracting element of the harness acts as a guide helping to keep the equine central. 3. The quick release and sacrifice elements of the safety devices are operated by the owner and by the equine when under measured pressure. The EE allows for safe training to loading your equine.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale. I have the information of the manufacturer who has manufactured this product for me for a very lucrative price. It has been previously sold, the market potential in the UK alone is huge with over 888,000 equines in the Uk 3% none loading. There is a trade mark with the IP.

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