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The system for locating objects for mobile devices

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- The invention relates to the field of radio engineering and can be used for searching and locating people (objects) in the medium and short distances, for example, lost in the mountains or the woods, came under an avalanche, under the ruins of buildings.
- The technical problem solved by the claimed utility model, is expressed in the improvement of the known methods of detection the location of objects, simplifying the process of finding, getting search capabilities in areas where it is impossible to pass the signals from the satellites and / or base stations of cellular networks.
- The technical result, which is aimed at achieving the utility model is to increase the accuracy and speed of positioning, reducing the weight and size parameters, providing autonomy and independence from external systems & and the introduction of new useful functions in the mobile devices.

Financial information

To date, manufacturers of mobile devices do not offer anything radically new for their customers, this patent can rapidly increase sales of mobile devices through the introduction of new features.
- We are looking for selling the patent.
- Once the first company introduces a patent and provides products (a mobile device), other companies will immediately begin to innovate their mobile devices. Finally, the patent will be applied by all manufacturers of mobile devices.
- Also there is CN patent based on PCT application