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HEIDI Shelf: Unique Tapered Shelving For Use Behind Doors

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HEIDI is a shelving unit, deeper on one side than the other, so it can fit behind doors. This simple patented feature allows storage in a space that would otherwise go to waste. The name "HEIDI", (because it hides behind doors), is trademarked and would be transferred with the patent.

HEIDI was patented in December 2010 and manufactured and marketed locally until October 2012 when it was licensed to a company that said they would take it world wide. They had it manufactured in China and listed on a number of major websites, including Amazon, Brookstone, Hayneedle, Home Depot, Rakuten, Staples, and Walmart. When people saw HEIDI, they liked it and bought it. However, the company did no promotion and never got floor samples into brick and mortar stores where people could see it up close and personal. And nobody looked for it online because nobody knew that tapered shelving even existed. HEIDI remained in the back pages of online searches and never reached its full potential. Fortunately, that licensing agreement is now ended.

HEIDI is unique. It flips to fit behind left or right hand doors and can be made tall or short and out of any material. It has an unlimited market and the potential is huge. But people have to know HEIDI exists. HEIDI needs a company with imagination and marketing ability and we will help such a company to the best of our ability.

Check out Link to see Heidi in action

Financial information

We have come SSSOOOO close! The day HEIDI was Home Depot's Online Special of the Day it sold $40,000. That translates to $10,000,000 a year from just one site if HEIDI had been visible every day. And we almost made it through the Shark Tank audition process, but didn't make the final cut, probably because HEIDI was licensed at the time.

That license is now over and since my wife and I are in our late seventies, we cannot produce HEIDI ourselves. We are back to looking for a company who not only knows shelving, but who understands the value of promotion, especially for a really great new product that nobody has ever heard of before.

We are looking for either an outright sale or license with royalties, whatever the interested company would want, The HEIDI trademark has just been renewed and would be included in any agreement.

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