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Automatic skew correction for differential signals

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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A skew correction system incorporated into a transmitter forwarding a differential signal on a differential lane monitors returning signal reflections when the receiving end of the differential lane is appropriately terminated. Based on an analysis of the reflections, the skew correction system adjusts the relative timing of complementary edges of the differential signal departing the transmitter so as to substantially eliminate skew at the receiving end of the differential lane.

Financial information

There are 18 references to this patent by subsequent patent applications. The method described in the patent is the simplest and least expensive to implement of all known deskew cicuits.

The inventor is in a position to help the buyer to implement the invention for targeted application(s).

All high speed ( 12 GHz +) serial digital requires deskew for acceptable bit error rates.

Inventor seeks bids above $75,000.

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