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The Pigtail Installation Jig

[Category : - Tools- Construction Processes & Equipment]
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My Jig firmly holds in place duplex receptacles so you can install your own premade copper pigtails into the pressure plate with one hand while tightening the screw with your other hand. Five at a time, sixty devices per hour. It can pay for itself in less than a day. A must have for any electrical contractor who is serious about productivity. No prefab shop should be without one. This product was used in a major St. Louis electrical contractors prefab shop to produce more than twenty thousand devices. A smaller single device is also available, The Pigtail Junior. It is mainly used in the field. These two simple machines can increase your productivity and profits. Contractors do this job by hand all the time. You have to hold the receptacle with one hand while installing the pigtail with your other hand and then hold both while trying to tighten the screw. My jig frees up your hands so you can get more work done. The Pigtail Installation Jig, What a difference maker. Patent Pending.

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