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The Golf Glove Friendly - for Golf Belts

[Category : - Golf]
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The Golf Glove Friendly - is an Elastic Golf Glove Holder which slides onto your golf belt with a portion made of Velcro for easily securing your golf glove instead of placing your glove inside of your back pocket. The Golf Glove Friendly is able to fit any size golf belt due to its stretchable material and is machine washable. The Golf Glove Friendly allows your glove to be able to air dry while secured outside of your pocket when not in use. The design currently comes in black and white, but can be made in additional colors to match your golf outfit and/or belt based on the available material.

Financial information

I'm currently seeking an out right sale incorporated with a form of royalties over an extended period of time. The market potential for this specific merchandise would highly beneficial to the golfing market and would extend the overall potential usage of the golf glove due to its ability to constantly air dry in the course of play.

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