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All-Water bike

[Category : - Boating- Biking- Swimming]
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This invention relates to water vehicles and particularly to human or motor propelled water vehicles.


There is a need for water vehicles that are more compact and more maneuverable than those currently available. Particularly, there is a need for a water bike where the flotation elements responsible for maintaining the water bike on the surface of a body of water also are responsible for moving the water bike through that body of water.

Presently, water bikes comprise stationary floatation elements responsible for at least in part keeping the water bike afloat on a body of water. This can result in a water bike that is bulker than necessary. In addition, the maneuverability can often be hampered.

There is still a need for a water vehicle in which all of the floatation elements necessary to allow the vehicle to float upon a body of water also are configured to provide motion of the water bike upon that body of water.


I have invented a water bike apparatus that has motion-inducing flotation elements with no stationary flotation elements necessary for the flotation of the apparatus. The invention has two aspects, an article aspect and a method aspect.

The water bike apparatus includes four apparatus elements. The first apparatus element is a frame with a front, a back, a top, a bottom, a left side, a right side, extended shaft guides, and a sitting element. The second apparatus element is a power assembly affixed to the frame and configured to be actuated to cause the water bike apparatus to move forward or rearward. The third apparatus element is a plurality of motion-inducing flotation elements having centers and an appropriate shape and size to cause the apparatus to float in a body of water. The motion-inducing flotation elements are in rotational communication with the power assembly, and are configured to provide forward or rearward movement of the water bike apparatus when the power assembly is actuated. The motion-inducing flotation elements are also configured to supply all of the flotation necessary to allow the water bike apparatus to float upon a body of water. The fourth apparatus element is a handle bar moveably attached through the frame to at least one receiving element configured to change the direction of motion of the water bike apparatus to other than forward and rearward. The disclosed water bike apparatus is configured to have no static flotation elements that provide necessary flotation of the water bike apparatus to allow it to float in a body of water are present.

The method of moving a water bike apparatus on a body of water includes three steps. The first step is providing a water bike apparatus as described above. The second step is transporting the water bike apparatus into a body of water. The third step is powering the water bike apparatus to rotate the motion-inducing flotation elements so as to move the water bike apparatus forward or backward in the body of water.

The invention has several advantages over currently known water bikes. The primary benefit is that it has a simpler construction since it contains no wasted stationary flotation elements necessary to float the apparatus on a body of water. In addition, it includes various embodiments that help in maneuverability of the water bike apparatus and various embodiments that provide different sources of power to the water bike apparatus.

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