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Campus Crime Neutralization Method Using portable 2-Way Radios

[Category : - Educational- Telecommunications- Security and alarms]
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This patent offers a significant improvement in the level of present school safety, in that it permits teachers, administrators, and other personnel, who carry a 2-way radios, to immediately "LOCK_DOWN" a school using only their handheld radio. In addition it can automatically dials 911 and connect to the mobile radio of a responding public safety officer. Further, the device will automatically connect via a link repeater to other schools in the area, informing them they, too, would be advised to "LOCK-DOWN" their school. At the time of the initial school "LOCK-DOWN", the device sends a prerecorded message over their public address system. This device has a suggested retail price to schools of under $ 6,000, allowing it to be affordable for most school districts. The device has many programmable outputs that can initiate counter measures agains a would be crime perpetrator. Lastly, the system does not connect to the school's telco phone line, nor does it rely of continuous AC supply from the school's power system, making the system secure against a crime perpetrator disabling the system before he or she enters the school facility. A significant feature of the system is that, during a incident, it allows all teachers and administrators to communicate amount themselves and law enforcement. The device is compatible with almost all types of 2-way radios in use across the United States today.

Financial information

Currently their is a system that does use 2-way radios to a limited extent, but that system does not allow a user to initiate a "LOCK_DOWN". The cost of that system is more that $10,000 per school, and relies extensive on software and internet to operate successfully.

The current patent is cost effective to build, and simple to maintain. Therefore, from the viewpoint of a school, it is a very attractive solution to a serious problem.

Lastly, during non-emergencies, the system gives the school wide area coverage over the school grounds and beyond, as it uses a UHF repeater to connect every portable 2-way radio together. No more intermittent coverage on the school grounds, a feature in itself, that is worth thousands of dollars to any school.

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