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Cat Smart Pet Door

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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This is the best cat door design I have ever seen and has never been brought to market. This door was built with an urgent need in mind as we had moved to the mountains of Oregon. The imperatives where: Restrict access to the home to our cats only, be securable, as weatherproof as possible, gravity & spring actuated, well insulated, durable, inexpensive to fabricate, no maintenance. All of these objectives were met or exceeded.

The entrance and exit doors are individuals, allowing each one to function as dedicated “in” or “out”
The angle and position of the entrance's door, confounds other animals (I have watched them try to figure it out to no avail for over 40 year’s).

The exit door is on such an angle so that door fights back against the elements. Wind, rain, sleet, and snow all weigh on the exit lid/door making a tighter seal, adapting to changes in weather.
Cats take to it very quickly and feel very secure behind it. No other product we’ve tried has given our cat and us so much confidence.

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