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Self-Standing Skateboard System

[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A self-standing skateboard system includes a skateboard and a panel. The skateboard includes first and second trucks attached to a deck. The panel includes a front face, a back face, and a perimeter edge extending around and between the front face and the back face, the perimeter edge having a first end opposite a second end and a pair of opposed sides coupled to and extending between the first and second ends, with the panel having a slot extending into the first end defining a pair of spaced projections, and the slot being configured for receiving one of the first and second trucks for supporting the skateboard on the panel. Further, the panel has a notch extending into the second end defining a pair of feet for supporting the panel in an upright position on a supporting surface.

The benefits of the self-standing skateboard system is that allows for safer and more convenient storage and display of an unused skateboard, eliminates the need to keep it on the floor, helps avoid accidents and clutter at home or on the road while not in use due to its unique self-standing design, It shows off the skateboard while not in use or as a collectors display as well as wholesalers display of skate boards. Also usable as a trophy displayed as proof of victory.

The unit can be produced from a variety of materials, colors and logos. The user places the unit on the floor while not in use and rest the skateboard's front or rear truck in the recessed area. This holds the skateboard in place and off the floor.

The Self-Standing Skateboard System is a versatile product. Marketing surveys predict just one unit in over 20 million locations where skateboards are sold would create up to 230 Million dollars in revenue with a revolutionary product that will benefit skateboarders around the world for years to come.

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