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Technology Platform for Matching Demand-Side and Supply-Side Users

[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for improving the technology related to matching supply-side users with demand-side users in a marketplace. An opportunity matching platform may receive one or more business opportunities created by one or more demand-side users and then provide the one or more business opportunities to a plurality of supply-side client stations. In turn, each supply-side client station may present the one or more business opportunities to a respective supply-side users, receive the user's feedback on the one or more business opportunities, and then provide the feedback data for the supply-side user back to the opportunity matching platform. Thereafter, the opportunity matching platform may process the supply-side user feedback data and then provide various information to the demand-side users and/or supply -side users that help such users reach agreement on opportunities.

Financial information

Seeking an outright sale of the patent.

The patent has not been validated in the marketplace nor has there been any attempt to invalidate or enforce it. Similar patents exist for taxi industry or other marketplaces. Patent has not been through IPR or has not been through CBM proceedings.

The invention has never been reduced to practice and remains on a purely conceptual level.

The patent is mainly applicable in transportation industry. It could also be applied to other marketplaces if they have the same characteristics and dynamics as the transportation market. The patent has material benefits when more than 100,000 nodes are involved. The transportation intermediary market is large, yet fragmented. This patent comes as a complementary feature to enhance the underlying transaction and does not create new transactions or new markets.

The patent is only applicable to the US market. Any additional protection would need to be filed in each country respectively. The patent has not been researched as to whether or not similar inventions have been protected in other countries.

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