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Emergency aide app for communities

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I have something pretty cool for anyone interested in apps and having their own business.rnI spent years dealing with programmers who said they could do things they couldn't and learning the difference between a frontend and backend developer. After finally finding the right people we developed a pretty cool app. We used an apk for neighbors after a hurricane and some friends also used it for a few events they had at a festival.The app is geolocation based and allows users to post quick pictures and a video which are then sorted by relative distance. Multiple post are restricted by location so you don't have multiple post at the same location multiple times. Post also only last for 4 hours.It includes uber and lyft options as well and its pretty customizable so you could do some pretty cool things with it.
Possible uses, festivals and finding out where vendors are. They could post and you could charge them to advertise if you want,homeowner associations to post what's going in and around the neighborhood,Insurance agents can post where emergency services are after an emergency like who has water, power, electricity, and where they can speak to someone from Fema or any agency that can assist after a catastrophic event.You'll receive the front and backend code but you'll have to make sure you have your own android and facebook developer account and someone to upload the codes for you. From there you can do anything you want. I put a version for travelers who work in the service industry online to share the coolest things they see when traveling and for bartenders to showcase who has the best deals in a city. Its all yours! We would send you the code directly so you're pretty much good to go with getting your own business started.
The android version is up and running and you can view a working version on the market. The iphone version is coded but requires you add a way for people to enter without logging in and you must have a pop up that says why you're using geolocation. Its also available for a small additional fee.

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I'm looking to sell clones of my app for anyone that might have a use for it.

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